Competition Info

This page provides all information regarding the Competition Venues & Parking, Timetables, Fleadh Rules, Adjudication Sheets, and Photo/Video Permits at Competitions. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Timetable for All Competitions:

  1. Music/Singing Competitions etc – Sat 29th & Sun 30th July 2017
    (Bangor Academy & Sixth Form College)
  2. Set Dancing Competitions – Fri 28th July 2017 (St Columbanus College)
  3. Sean Nos Dancing – Sun 30th July 2017 (Parish Centre, Brunswick Road, Bangor)
  4. Marching Bands Competition – Sun 23rd July 2017 (Portaferry GAA Club)


The competition will run over the weekend commencing Friday 28 July at following locations:

Bangor Academy & Sixth Form College
2 Castle Park Road,
Bangor BT20 4TB
Click Here to get directions to the venue.
St Columbanus’ College,
Ballymaconnell Road,
Bangor BT20 5PU
Click Here to get directions to the venue
St Comgall’s Parish Centre,
27 Brunswick Road,
Bangor BT20 3DS
Click Here to get directions to the venue.

There will be parking facilities available at Bangor Academy & Sixth Form College AND the South Eastern Regional College (SERC), which is directly across the road from the Academy and only a few minutes walk from the main entrance. Upon arrival, please follow the instructions of the parking stewards.  As usual, there will also be catering provided on site and there will be volunteers designated and clearly visible to help you with any queries.


Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College

Bangor Parish Centre

Brunswick Road Entrance to St Comgall’s Parish Centre

St Columbanus

St Columbanus’ College Bangor

Marching Bands Competition Sunday 23 July 2017 

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Fleadh Rules:

Comhaltas promotes traditional Irish music and culture around the world. We are best known for teaching Irish traditional music through our global network of branches and for running the Fleadh Cheoil music competitions.

To access the official competition rules for Fleadhanna run by Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, as amended in 2013, please click on the following links:

Photo/Video Permits at Competitions:


  1. A competitor’s performance in competition may only be recorded with prior permission from the Fleadh Committee / Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (CCÉ).
  2. Permission to record will be given at the discretion of CCÉ (Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann) and will only be given on receipt of a completed application form containing the written consent of the competitor in question or the competitor’s parent or guardian where the competitor is underage (under 18 years of age).
  3. A separate application form must be submitted for each competitor or competing group (duets, trios, céilí bands, dancing groups, etc) which the applicant wishes to record.
  4. In the case of non-solo competitions the written consent of one member of the group will be sufficient. A parent/guardian must sign the application form in the cases of a competitor under 18 years of age, irrespective of the age category of the competition.
  5. The written permission of CCÉ (this being a valid permit for the competition in question and the competitor in question) for a recording must be presented to the call steward/venue staff for the relevant competition before the competition commences.
  6. Permission to record a competitor applies to that competitor’s performance only. Under no circumstances may any other competitor’s performances be recorded.

  7. Under no circumstances should the oral adjudication or any dialogue, instruction or communication by the call steward be recorded.
  8. The recording of a competitor must not interfere in any way with the smooth running of the competition and must be in compliance with the instruction of venue staff. All recordings of dancing competitions/competitors must be taken from the back of the venue or from the location designated by the call steward/venue staff.
  9. These conditions apply to all forms of mobile recording devices.
  10. It is understood that all applicants for and holders of a recording permit are personally responsible for complying with CCÉ’s Child Protection Policy.
  11. It is understood that the permit holder is responsible for the authenticity of all information on the application form. All signatures are understood by the relevant Fleadh Committee/CCÉ to be valid and are thus accepted in good faith.
  12. It is understood that the use of recordings facilitated through a CCÉ permit is the sole responsibility of the permit holder.
  13. In issuing the above recording permit it is understood that the product/recording is used only for private use.

Adjudication Sheets:

Info to follow