Places to Eat


There are so many great places to eat in Bangor that it could be hard to decide where to go! We highly recommend you try out the following:

The Rabbit Rooms (official Fleadh bar):

In the Rabbit Rooms restaurant, everything is locally sourced, including the wonderful meat, fish, vegetables, and staff (apart from our Moroccan yak herder): all of it is good old home-grown Northern Ireland stuff and uses the freshest, highest quality ingredients to give you a flavour and taste experience that will be hard to forget. Click Here for directions.


Click Here for a full menu, which cludes:

wp4c999776_1a…3 cuts of meat in the burgers giving them epic flavour & texture…

  1. Brisket – Has the perfect fat content and is the fibrous cut that hold the meat together
  2. Short Rib – Is hung for 30 days. This dry aging gives their burgers an amazing flavour
  3. Chuck – After the Brisket & Short Rib are twice minced, chunks of Chuck are added giving their burgers their meaty texture

wp2ecddbcb_1a…locally sourced ribs from Primacy Meats in Bangor and they come in 2 fantastic, finger lickin’ flavours:

  1. Cajun Spice – Full rack of ribs marinated in Cajun herbs & spices & grilled to order, pico salsa (these boys will make you dance)
  2. Hickory Smoked Ribs – Full rack of pork ribs smothered in Smokey BBQ sauce, apple coleslaw (there is nothing like a full rack)

wp986dee70_1a…mussels, fresh from Strangford Lough (just down the road). Eat them straight from the pot with 4 fantastic flavours to choose from:

  1. Classic Moules Mariniere – Garlic, parsley, white wine cream
  2. Thai-Mild Green Curry Coconut Broth
  3. Cider and Bacon – Cider, black pepper, garlic, bacon & chives
  4. Chilli Tomato – Chunky tomato, fresh chilli, lime (like a big red bandana)

The restaurant is open 7 days a week and is located on the first floor over looking Bangor Marina. The restaurant holds up to 50 people and booking is advised. To book, please pop in and see us or call us on 028  9146  7699.

Restaurant Opening Times:
Monday to Thursday… 6pm – 9pm
Friday and Saturday… 6pm – 9pm
Sunday…                     12:30pm – 9pm

The Ava Bar:

In May 2015, The Ava Bar finished a re-fit of its first floor restaurant and added a baby grand piano, cocktail bar, food-to-die-for and introduced ‘silent service’. It’s very strictly reservations only but the price is only slightly more than our busy ground floor Vin Cafe restaurant – that little extra pays for the pianists. The menu changes weekly.

The ground floor ‘Vin Cafe Restaurant’ combines the value and freshness of home spun food typical of a gastro pub with the elegance of fine dining and the casual atmosphere of Tapas. The surroundings offer relaxed ambiance, deep comfortable seating with a real interest from the waiting staff to ensuring everyone stays is restful and enjoyable.


The Ava has come a long way in gastronomy miles…in 1924 food might have been a pigs foot bought in the market and enjoyed with a bottle of Bass. The building although relatively unchanged on the out side has been through a couple of renovations which have seen the entire lower and ground floors ripped out and rebuilt.

Ava BarThe Ava is located in the centre of Bangor just across the road from Bangor’s Bus and Train Terminus. Car parking is available across the main street and on street. Parking in the car park is paid by the hour and the on street parking is for one hour only. Parking after 6pm is free in the car park and unlimited time on street. Dufferin Avenue car park which is 3 minutes walk is free all day. From the Ava you are 5 minutes walk to Aurora, Bangor’s Aquatic & Sport Centre. Beside Aurora is Bangor’s Walled Garden, a beautifully restored Victorian walled garden. Click Here for directions. Click Here for menu.